They're not obsessed with the art. They're obsessed with using online funny-money and pretending to own PNGs. The only reasons NFTs exist is because you can use useless commodities for the transaction, like BTC and ETH, and hope someone else down the line gives you useful cash, like USD. While I can't see anything about how averyadzima got their ETH out, I doubt their debt collectors would have accepted ETH.

And if these people were interested in art, these people with money to spend would have just commissioned these artists, or bought a print, or any other number of things that existed before. It's "techbros have invented public transit" but for commissioning artists.

On top of that, it's so easy to see how artificially inflated things like CryptoPunks are. Here you can see that they're just passing around the same money/assets, to get that publicity of a huge transaction going.

It's like what people are currently seeing in the video game collection market: people with loads of money are coming in, buying things for over-inflated prices, using grading systems they have active financial stakes in, and then getting the good PR by having articles up about how Super Mario Bros sold for $1 million. Except, in the case of anything crypto, they're actively burning down the planet for "currency" they can't use in the real world, all for the sake of PNGs that they don't actually own because there's inherently a nonexistence of scarcity.



Implausibly Average writes sometimes!

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